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Shao Jianming, General Manager of Shanghai Boiler visited Huayou
Writer:huayou    Sources:huayou    2016-12-29 DSC05121_副本.jpg   On December 28, Shao Jianming, General Manager of Shanghai Boiler visited HuayouGeneral Manager Chen Yuqi received and introduced the business development of Huayou Tubular for 11 years and accompanied the visit to warehouse. The two sides discussed and carried out exchanges on sharing resources, complementing advantages, and establishing close cooperation between the two sides. Lin Jun,director of management affairs, Liu Guoping,director of manufacturing dept. and Yu Zhonghai,director of pruchase dept. accompanied General Manager Shao. Shanghai Sumitomo Corporation Vice General Manager Fei Weimin, manager of  metal products No 2 dept. Zhang Yan, Huayous marketing director Yin Jiangang, marketing manager Zhang Yanjie and  administration manager Zhao Ping attended the meeting.  
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